Rules and Expectations



1.     Be Polite                                                                       

2.     Be Punctual                                                                       

3.     Be Prepared

4.     Be Productive





1.     Arrive to class on time.  Tardiness will result in lunch detention.


2.     Pick up the “Catalyst of the Day” as you enter the classroom.  “Catalyst of the Day” is due every Friday.


3.     Place required supplies on your assigned seat.  Place your backpack and personal belongings in the assigned lab location. 

This includes cell phones and other electronic devices.


4.     Cell phones and electronic equipment may not be used in class.  They must be turned off and placed in your backpack. 

 If necessary, cell phones and electronic equipment will be confiscated.


5.     No food or drink is allowed in the classroom, except bottled water.


6.     Hats/hoods, head/earphones and sunglasses will not be worn in the classroom. 


7.     Use appropriate language and behavior at all times.


8.     Do not comb/brush your hair or apply make-up (hairspray, perfume included) in the classroom.


9.     The area behind the teacher and demonstration desks is off limits.


10.   Homework is assigned every Friday and is due the following Friday.  Homework will be turned in at the beginning of the class period.  Once homework has been graded and returned, late work will not be accepted.


11.   Assessments will be given every Friday. 


12.   If working on a lab during a fire drill or evacuation, secure your lab station and take any items you value.  Report to the area in front of the swimming pool during a fire drill.  Report to the football field during an evacuation.  Follow teacher instructions.


13.   Remain in your seat until the bell rings. Do not stand by the door.  Push your chair under your desk and pick-up any trash before you leave. 



Continuous infraction of the rules will result in the following:

1.     Student/Teacher Conference

2.     Student/Teacher/Advisor Conference

3.     Parent/Teacher Conference

4.     Administrative Action