Your grade will be based on the following:                                            

            Labs (LB)                                                     

            Class Work (CW)   

            Homework (HW)                                                

            Tests (TS)                                                     

            Quizzes (QZ)                                                     

            Class Notebook (NB)                                      

            Catalyst of the Day (ED)                                                     


Grading Scale


A            90 %   - 100 %

B            80 %   -   89 %

C            70 %   -   79 %

D            60 %   -   69 %




It is your responsibility to attend class daily.  If you are absent an excuse from your parent/guardian is required before make-up work is allowed. Parent/guardian must call in excused absences to the office.  It is your responsibility to ask for make-up work.  Be aware of the Rio Grande High School Attendance Policy.




            A Tutoring schedule will be posted weekly.  Tutoring and extra help is available before and after school or ANY other time you arrange in advance.