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About Mr. Rios

Mr. Rios

Hometown: Parsons, KS

Oswego High School - '05
Missouri State University - '10  B.S. Ed.
William Woods University - '13  M.S. Admin.

Spending time with my wife and son, all things Kansas State, coaching football, basketball, and baseball and going to MSU basketball games and Springfield Cardinal games.

Why Math? :
I have enjoyed math ever since I was in middle school. Learning math is much like learning to walk. You start off with baby steps; put a couple of baby steps together, and your off and running! Additionally, I enjoy math in my leisure time as well. As an avid sports fan, I use math quite a bit to judge weather I think players or teams are doing well. Knowing how many homeruns per at-bats Albert Pujols is averaging can give you a good hint at when he is due his next homer.

Get 2 Months for $5!