About Me


About Ms. Ristow

Ms. Ristow graduated from Orange Glen High School, in Escondido, 
California.  While in high school, she participated in Band, NJROTC, and 
many other activities for all 4 years she was there.  She was in the honors 
classes, and even took "O period" (the same as our 'early bird') AP Calculus.

After high school, she attended Palomar College (a community college) for 2 
years, and then transferred to CSUSM, where she received her B.S. in Biology 
(molecular concentration), with a minor in Chemistry.

After college, Ms. Ristow worked in the Biotech field for 2 years, doing 
such wonderful things as antibody isolation from animal serum (in laymen's 
terms: working with huge vats of animal blood); and viral slide production, 
where she got to create 'control slides' of fun viruses such as HSV, CMV, 
RSV, Influ A/B, Polio, ECHO, and many other wonderful viruses.  (Don't 
worry, she is no longer contagious!!! haha)

During this time, she also volunteered at the CRES center at the San Diego 
Zoo.  (CRES = Center for the Reproduction of Endangered Species)  While 
there, she got to assist researchers in finding optimal ways to store and 
preserve "reproductive samples" of various endangered species.

After her stint in the biotech community, Ms. Ristow returned to CSUSM to 
obtain her teaching credential. 

After receiving her teaching credential, she taught Biology and Biology II 
(Biotechnology) at her alma mater.  

But now she has made the move to Las Vegas, and now you are stuck with her! 

In her first year at Rancho, she taught Chemistry and Applied 
Biology/Chemistry.  During this year she helped fight to get Forensic 
Science and AVID approved at the school (and in the district).  

In her second year at Rancho, she taught AP Chemisty, Chemistry Honors, and 
Forensic Science Honors.  I believe it is safe to say that her Forensic 
Science class was her favorite, and that they raised quite a "stink" on 
campus (literally...  remember the dead pigs?).

In her third year, she taught AP Biology, Forensic Science 
Honors, and 10th grade AVID.  She was also the AVID Coordinator for the 
school....  all the while working on her Masters Degree in Forensic 

She finally obtained her Masters Degree in Forensic Science in October 2006, 
during her fourth year while teaching AP Biology, Forensic Science Honors, 
and 10th grade AVID.

Year #5 she once again taught Forensic Science Honors, AP Biology, and 
10th grade AVID... Year #6 was Forensic Science Honors, Forensic Pathology, 
and 12th grade AVID..Year #7 was once again Forensic Science Honors and 
Forensic Pathology, and AP Biology came back! Whoohoo!  Year #8? Forensic 
Science, Forensic Pathology, and AP Bio... Year #9 she is once again teaching 
Forensic Science Honors, AP Biology, and Chemistry Honors once again.  (Need 
to recruit for AP BIO!)

This - her 16th year - she is once again teaching AP Biology, Chemistry (H),
and Forensic Pathology 

Mission For The Class

To learn the procedures, thoughts, methodologies, and scientific principles 
used by scientists, and to be able to relate and use them ethically in 
everyday lives and everyday ways of thinking.