AP Classroom



Here are the College Board Directions for Signing Up


1,   Sign in to the College Board Website

2. Create an account (sign up), or or use the same login from last year (sign in)

3. Click Join a Course & Type in your class code

             PER 6:  ZQ9ZM4

             PER 8:  VWPZ6N

 PER 6                                           PER 8  

Allen                                        Anicieto

Alvarez                                    Aviles

Cruz                                        Bach

Everett                                     Cheema

Herrera                                    Cummings

Lopez, A                                   Gomez

Luna                                         Gonzalez, G

Molina                                      Gonzalez, L

Moreno                                   Hernandez

Nava                                         Huynh

Parsom                                    Lopez, Q

Rodriguez                                Manera

Sandoval                                  Mauro

Tarango                                    Mayor

Tran                                           Mohamed




4. Fill out registration information