Useful Websites - AP Bio

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb


Good Review Websites:




Need a refresher in genetics?

Need help with Standard Deviation?  (thanks JG)

Interactive on Human Evolution

Science Music Videos

Great review of plants and their application in genetics

Chi-Square Test

A good overview of how operons work:

DNA & Genetics - History and Experiments

Good Overall Review, using videos:

GREAT website on the periodic table:

Review Game:

**Good Rev WS  (though it's boring to look at)

- AP Bio Review Games:

**Tips for answering Free Response Questions:

Interactive Demo Simulations:

EXCELLENT Muscle Function Animation:

Great website on protein synthesis (transcription/translation):

Website with good animations of the main topics of AP BIO:

Check your college's AP Credit Policy here:

Zebrafish Development Videos:


    Videos I think would help you:
         - By Land or By Sea  (comparative anatomy)
         - Super Bugs (drug resistance)
         - Bioethics
         - A Green Light for Biology (pGLO)
         - What if? A World w/o Code  (DNA)
         - The Secret of Life (DNA structure)
         - From Slime to Sublime (evolutionary paths)
         - Night of the Twisted Helix (mutations & natural selection)
         - A Link for the Missing (DNA FPing)
         - On Aggression (neurotransmitters)
         - Facts of Life (gender determination)
         - The Chosen Child (designer babies)
         - Perfect Pitch (heredity)
         - Rover Redefined (genome mapping & pedigrees)
         - Testing Zygosity (genetic testing)
Tutorial Animations:
Campbell & Reece studyguide powerpoints for every chapter:
Lab Objectives from the "Dirty Dozen" (the original labs - we still do some of them):


AP Bio Flashcards, from the Raven book: