"I'll go to bed after I wash my clothes." The clothes that had just been wiped off were piled up in the basin. Wash it tomorrow. Your eyes are very red. Go to sleep quickly. Lu Shen smiled, bent over slightly, and asked softly, "Do you want to go to the toilet?" After waking up, she did not go to the toilet, hung two bottles of saline and drank a cup of hot water, how can there be no desire to urinate. Liang Wei looks unnatural, don't go too far, "I don't want to." Lu Shen put his hands on her sides and deliberately put his face close to her, nose to nose, and all his breath spilled on her lips. Shall I carry you or take it for you? "You hug." Liang Wei doesn't need a urinal or anything. Lu Shenyin was afraid of hurting her, so he hugged her very slowly and gently. "Be careful with your feet. Don't move around." Liang Wei hooked his neck and pulled his leg in plaster to a point where the pain was unbearable, perhaps because he had just finished the operation, he had not healed at all and could not move at all. She endured it. Lu Shen Kui carried her to the bathroom, Liang Wei saw herself in the mirror, her forehead bruised and purple, nose, cheeks, knife-like small scars in several places, and the gauze on her side face was even more conspicuous. He carried her to the sink. "I'll take off your pants first." The hospital pants are made of rubber bands,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and you can pull them off as soon as you pull them off. Lu Shen asked her to grab her shoulder and carefully take off her pants to her knees. Liang Wei hissed, the porcelain surface of the washstand was cold, her buttocks were close, and there was a chill. Her private parts were exposed. Liang Wei pulled her clothes to try to cover her hair. Lu Shen saw it in her eyes, but pretended not to see it. She picked her up and put her on the toilet. Liang Wei's feet can not have too much movement, let alone hang to the ground, he gently held her injured right leg. Liang Wei:.. You go out I can do it myself. He crouched in front of her, holding her leg in his hand and looking at her. How could she urinate. "You just had an operation today,Oil Dropper Bottle, and you are very weak. I'll hold your leg for you. You can't have any more chance.". Liang Wei, not giving you a urinal is my biggest concession. Liang Wei sat and stared at him. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about," said Lu Shen. His manner was natural, his voice was deep, and his tone was like coaxing a child. Liang Wei held her breath, but still couldn't. She couldn't cross the barrier in her heart. You'd better go out. Lu Shen closed his eyes and said, "Why don't you put your hands in my ears?". So I can't see or hear. Liang Wei raised her hand to cover his ear. She touched his deformed ear bone and touched it subconsciously, but he trembled slightly and whispered, "Don't touch it." Liang Wei forgot that he was very sensitive. Liang Wei covered it tightly for fear that he would hear a little sound. When he was done, he opened his eyes and reached for the toilet paper. Liang Wei: "I'll do it myself." He picked her up. "Lift your right foot a little. Don't bump into something on the side. Come on, hold me." Liang Wei leaned on him like a bear cub with rickets, and Lu Shen hugged her in one hand and wiped her with paper in the other. You be gentle. He did not know the weight of his hands, but felt his fingertips slightly wet. Lu Shen Kui: I.. I've never done this for anyone. Did it hurt you? Liang Wei: "Well, how can I wipe it back and forth so many times?" The paper towel was thin and soft, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Glass Cream Jars, and she could feel his fingers sliding back and forth along the slit. I felt a sense of shame that I had never felt before. Lu Shen threw away the toilet paper, flushed the water, and helped Liang Wei put on her pants. Taking her back to bed, Lu Shen began to take care of himself, simply washing his face and feet, not knowing what he had done, it was already midnight. Because it was a senior ward, so there was a long sofa, he took a coat to cover his body, lay down and did not feel uncomfortable on the sofa, and soon fell into a deep sleep. He is very sleepy. Liang Wei was lying on the hospital bed, unable to turn over or get up. She looked at the ceiling and couldn't sleep. Thinking of Lin Zhishen, she did not know why he was here, why he happened to be in Longshi, and why he helped pay for the operation and hospitalization when she had a car accident. If he's here for her, what for? She met Lin Zhishen at the age of 21. After tasting the warmth and coldness of the world, she met him. He was a rich, powerful and beautiful man. Even though he had been hurt emotionally, in fact, no girl would be moved by such a man. Liang Wei had a crush on him. At first, it was for money, in order to find stimulation, she went to bed with him and stayed with him. It didn't matter to her even if she had a bad reputation. So Lin Zhishen always felt that she was a handsome person, unrestrained and insolent. She could do whatever she wanted and was not afraid of other people's eyes at all. But he did not know that she was not afraid only because she had suffered from the eyes, because she was black and blue, so she was not afraid. He doesn't know. He did not know that Liang Wei had been moved by him, he did not know that later her heart was slowly worn down by him, until finally, only the thin friendship between friends. Liang Wei remembered the past and Lin Zhishen's tiredness. The next day, Liang Wei asked Lu Shen to go to the hotel to get his luggage and buy him a new mobile phone and a mobile phone card. She needed to contact Lin Zhishen to pay everything off. When she was lying in bed watching TV, the door of the ward was pushed open, the sound of crutches knocking on the ground was easy to recognize, Liang Wei knew he was coming, the time was very accurate, Lu Shen was not there. Lin Zhishen gave her a mobile phone with a broken screen. "The driver who hit you asked for 500000 yuan, and the insurance company paid 200000 yuan for your car." Liang Wei took the phone and turned it on, but as soon as she turned it on, the screen was dark and out of power. He said, "Two hundred thousand yuan is on your account, and half a million yuan has been paid for you." Liang Wei looked at him, "how much is the operation fee and hospitalization fee?" Lin Zhishen: "Want to return?" "Mmm." "I'll ask the secretary to give you the bill later." "Good." She handed the phone to Lin Zhishen, "you can go out and throw it away for me later." Lin Zhishen took it. His deep eyes lingered on her all the time. He said, "He has nothing. He even gave you the ring so many times." "It's none of your business." He went to her, put his hand on the edge of the bed and bent over, "Liang Wei, do you have a heart?" Liang Wei half leaned on the bed,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, she raised her eyes to his deep eyes, her voice was thin and cool, "do you have it?" Lin Zhishen looked at her deeply and pursed his lips.