My groom is the King of Hell.

"I was very angry, but when I heard Xuanyuan Mo say that, I almost burst out laughing.". Xuan yuan Mo this description, is really too appropriate, the head has the pit, well, I like. Seeing my smile, Xuanyuan Mo's eyes were more gentle and heavy. He stretched out his hand and stroked the skin of my face inch by inch. "Lady.." Although I was not so angry, I still felt wronged, especially when I thought that I had almost been eaten alive by those wild animals just now. Eyes, can not help but become sour, voice also dyed a touch of indescribable hoarse, "Xuanyuan Mo, you do not want me, you lost me, you want to let those beasts eat me!"! Xuanyuan Mo, you don't want me, you don't want me. "Fool, how could my husband not want you?" Xuanyuan Mo kept saying in my ear, "Lady, I don't want you for my husband,Quillaja Saponin, I don't want you, just now, just now I was really mad for my husband.." "Xuanyuan Mo, can you leave me alone in this place when you are angry?!"! Xuanyuan Mo, have you ever thought that your anger might kill me? The more I think about what happened just now, the more aggrieved my heart is, "Xuanyuan Mo, you don't trust me at all,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, if you have a little trust in me, you won't do that to me!" "Lady, I didn't leave you because of my husband." Xuanyuan Mo looked at me deeply and said, "My husband has been hiding in the dark, waiting for you to call him back.". But wife, you didn't call her husband. Lady, you would rather be afraid alone than call your husband back to accompany you. Speaking of this, Xuanyuan Mo's voice, also with a touch of unspeakable grievance, see him like this, I really want to kick him a few feet. In other words, just now he was so angry that he wanted to tear me apart. Who would have thought that he didn't really leave! Besides, I am also very face-saving, he has hurt my heart like that, even if he stands in front of me, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Thyroid Powder Factory, I will not ask him to save me! All right, lady, everything is my husband's fault. My husband will believe you in the future, but you have to promise my husband that you are not allowed to meet Dongfang Yan again! Without waiting for me to speak, Xuanyuan Mo said so again. Xuanyuan Mo, I just regard the East as a friend! I explained to Xuanyuan Mo with some helplessness. I also want to tell Xuanyuan Mo, Dongfang Yan is not a small white face, there is no Dongfang Yan in the world so temperament of the small white face ah! However, before I could say this, I heard Xuanyuan Mo say, "Lady, I know that you just regard Dongfang Yan as a friend.". But if you treat him as a friend, he may not treat you as a friend. As soon as I saw Dongfang Yan's gigolo, I knew he had bad intentions towards you! "Look at his wretched appearance. Every time he sees you, he stares at you, and his body always rubs against you, as if he had taken an aphrodisiac.." Xuanyuan ink also said something behind, I did not hear clearly, at this time, my mind has been completely occupied by the words of ill-intentioned plots and leering, saying, Dongfang Yan is such a peerless figure, where to look and leer?! Xuanyuan Mo this fellow, is really a pit in the head! Of course, I won't say these words to Xuanyuan Mo. When I say it, he will be so angry that he will jump. I don't want to stay with a firecracker all day. Body, suddenly was hooped very tightly, Xuanyuan Mo's voice, sounded gentle to the extreme, "Lady, for the husband is wrong, you forgive the husband this time, for the husband later, will certainly mend their ways, no longer make you angry." As if thinking of something, Xuanyuan Mo hurriedly added, "Lady, you forgive your husband, as long as you are willing to forgive your husband, I will cook the most delicious food for you every day." Originally, I thought Xuanyuan Mo said these beautiful words, almost involuntarily said something, well, Xuanyuan Mo, I forgive you. But when I heard what Xuanyuan Mo said later, I just held that sentence back. I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said to Xuanyuan Mo in a Consultative tone, "Xuanyuan Mo,Theobromine Powder, forget it, I dare not eat your cooking.". As long as you don't let me eat your cooking, I promise you anything. 。