Zhu Xian _ Xiao Ding _ txt Novel Paradise

Ghost Li footsteps a stifle, also do not look back, wrist shock, but it is flashing in the top of the head, draw a circular pattern in the air, a moment of light, it is the Taiji diagram, blue light shining, a giant claw of ten thousand swords was held by blue light, instantly was shaken back, but only this moment, ten thousand swords originally dry body has been blocked in front of the ghost Li, but his face re-emerged in amazement. Tao: "Tai Chi Xuan Qing Dao?"? Who the hell are you? Mr. Ghost's voice came faintly behind him, saying, "He is a big shot in the Ghost King Sect of the Demon Sect today." Gui Li frowned, but still did not speak. Wan Jian looked at him a few times, nodded, and said, "So you are Zhang Xiaofan who was driven out of the mountain gate by Qingyun Gate ten years ago and took refuge in the Demon Sect?" Gui Li's face was as cold as frost. "Get out of the way," he said in a cold voice. Wan Jianyi had no intention of getting out of the way, but after looking up and down at Gui Li for a moment, he suddenly sighed and said, "Younger Martial Brother Tian was able to teach such a disciple as you. It's really amazing." Gui Li's face moved, but then he snorted, and a somewhat haughty look appeared on his face, as if he had nothing to do with the famous ten thousand swords in those days,tin beneficiation plant, and he went straight to lift his feet. As soon as Wan Jian stood up straight, he stood with his hands on his back, but he did not mean to retreat. Seeing the two men getting closer and closer, Wan Jian suddenly frowned and rose from the ground. Almost at the same time, the land under his feet made a muffled sound and cracked open in an instant. The devouring soul, flashing with a cold blue and black light, shot out of the land under his feet and chased after him. Wan Jian was alone in the air, swaying his body. Suddenly, with a loud shout, he shook around,sodium cyanide price, and it turned out that he had caught the flying devouring soul with his bare hands in the air. The blood-eating beads at the top of the devouring soul were red for a moment, and all the dark red blood streaks lit up, mixed in the black light, and without hesitation, they rushed straight away. Black gas rolling, red awn dark flash, the moment around seems to be dark down, but the sword rushed down, all the faint breath seems to have no effect on him, the ghost Li face changed, such a character line, it can be said that he is also the first time to see. Seeing that Wan Jian Yi was about to grasp the evil thing in the world in his hand, but in this moment, suddenly in the red light of the black gas, on the surface of the blood-eating bead at the top of the devouring soul, a strange pattern suddenly emerged from the depths of the bead, from small to large, from dark to bright, tin beneficiation plant ,Portable gold trommel, and instantly stood out from the black gas and black light. Among them, however, there was a strange mixture, which shook the palm of Wan Jianyi back. As soon as Wan Jian and Gui Li retreated at the same time, the magic weapon in midair also flew back to Gui Li's hands. Wan Jian paused in midair. His face was slightly pale. He stared at Gui Li and said, "Great Brahma Prajna!" Gui Li's face was expressionless, but his heart was shocked. It was really unfathomable that the humanity in front of him was so high. It was the first time in more than ten years that he had seen someone who could resist the power of devouring souls empty-handed. He was shocked here, but he didn't know that Wan Jianyi was also surprised in front of him. Wan Jianyi himself was a peerless figure with amazing talent in those years. His Taoism was far better than that of his fellow disciples. Except for a Taoist who could be mentioned in the same breath with him, he did not put other characters in his eyes. Later, although he suffered misfortune and a rough fate, the innate pride in his heart remained the same in the face of this younger generation today. It was only this encounter with Gui Li that surprised him a lot. The blood-eating bead demon power was strange and ferocious. Although the appearance was unharmed, it had already affected his whole body. After that, Gui Li's Buddhist Dharma, Great Brahma Prajna, was even more integrated with the Taoist Dharma. There was no gap. Even his cultivation was at his wits' end. He was forced to go back, and his heart was shocked. The cold wind was blowing through the field, and the mist was drifting gently, and it had begun to disperse. As soon as Wan Jian looked at Gui Li for a long time, he nodded his head and said, "It's true that there are talented people from generation to generation. I didn't expect that I could meet such a person as you in the last years of my life. It's a good day to live up to me.". ” Gui Li frowned, not quite understanding the meaning of Wan Jian's words, but Mr. Gui stood in the back, but sighed in a low voice, as if he was lamenting that after many years of his old friend, the untamed ambition in his heart remained unchanged. But it was when he sighed that his eyes flashed with strange light and stared at Wan Jianyi's body. "Get out of the way," said Ghost Li coldly. As soon as Wan Jian looked at him, the young man was cold and arrogant in front of him, and his expression was suddenly so familiar. He burst out laughing, with a sour look on his face, but was immediately occupied by a sense of pride. "Well, well, well," he said with a long smile, "he's really a young man. People in the world should not have looked at him!"! It's just that if you want to go there, you can use your real ability. Gui Li gave a long roar, not to mention many words, jumped up, Wan Jian's pupils contracted, suddenly retreated, and his body flew to the edge of the dense forest. With his right hand, he grabbed a pine tree the size of a man's embrace and shouted loudly. In an instant, he was surrounded by a shock. In the rumbling sound, the huge pine tree was uprooted by him, like a giant arm across the air. Wan Jianyi held the giant tree in his hand at the moment and stood proudly in the air. There was no trace of his once wretched and bent appearance. He looked high-spirited, excited and open-eyed. It was exactly the insufferably arrogant appearance of that year. Come on, "Wan Jian gave a loud shout, like a thunderclap." If you have blood-eating beads, how about looking at my giant tree? " His body swayed, and in an instant the giant trees danced and whined. In a twinkling of an eye, the shadows of the trees were all over the sky, and the wind was so strong that no other sound could be heard. Gui Li's face changed greatly and he writhed in the shadows of the trees. The giant tree storm was like a surging wave, and like an endless tide, one wave after another, one wave after another, chasing under the blue sky, and the mist of a mountain seemed to tremble. When the wind passes through the forest, it turns into a strong wind and turns into a whirlpool in midair, devouring everything in the world. The ghost is in the center of the whirlpool,coltan ore processing, surrounded by tree shadows. The strong wind blows like a knife, as if it were not careful, it would be cut to pieces by this sharp object. ore-magnetic-mining.com