There are so many free learning sites on the web.  Listed below are some web sites that may be valuable to you and your child. Please remember to monitor your child when they are on the internet.  Although the computer can be a valuable learning tool, it can also become an uninvited guest in your home. If you come across a link that is invalid or not working, please let me know so that I can update! Have fun! 


Teach Kids... about the Internet!·    Do not give out personal information, like full name and address. ·    Do not download anything without first asking your parent(s). ·    Do not fill out any forms without first asking your parent(s). ·    If something, or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your parent(s). ·    If you allow your children to use chats... sit right next to them. ·    Teach your child the BACK button on your browser... if they ever go to an area that makes them feel uncomfortable... BACK out of it. ·    Review the Rules, License to Use and/or Copyrights of a site when visiting.





Reading Websites



Barnes abd Nobles online Storytime


What's the Big Idea?

     Nonfiction Reading

Classic Fairytales

Animated Tall Tales

Dictionary Label Maker

Poetry Practice

Flick's Adventure

Tina's World (Real/Fantasy)

Tina's World (Listen and Do)

PAW Park (ABC Order)

Monkey Business (Sentence Structure)

Sassy Seals (beginning sounds)

Wild Word West


Grammar Websites

Parts of Speech Mad Libs

Treasure Trove Contraction Game

Grammar Gorillas

Compound Word Match

Opposite Game

Synonyms Game

Synonyms Sam's Lab

Word Balloons Synonyms

Word Jumble-Homonyms

Verb Tense Treasure Hunt

Compound Word Adventures

Noun Dunk


Math Games


Numbers and Patterns

 Place Value Puzzler

Dragon Eggs (Odds/Even)

Guess the Number

Ghost Blasters Odd

Ghost Blasters Even

Least to Greatest

Number Crackers Patterns

Pattern Mania

Pattern Quest

Crack Hacker's Safe

Scribble Square (100's chart)

Base Ten Blocks

Catch 10 Base Block

Count Us In

Skip Counting

Skip Counting from any number

Connect the Dots- Skip counting

Doodle Dots (skip counting)

Connect the Dots Game

Fish (by 2's)

Addition and Subtraction

Lne Jumper

Addition Matho

Addition Machine

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Number Monster

The Timernator

Subtraction Machine

Subtraction Hidden Picture

Math Baseball

Sum Sense

High Rise Math

Subtraction Tic Tac Toe

Math Magician Addition


Ghost Blasters

That's a Fact

Timed Tests- Addition

Timed Tests- Subtraction

Dad's Worksheets (timed math tests similar to Rocket Math)

Math Magician Subtraction 



Science Sites




Fun Sites for Kids



Author Websites

Author's Websites




Parents Resources