Newsletter and Homework

MReview: Draw the coins you would need to make 25¢, then 15¢, then 4¢. Don’t forget to write the amounts. Also, we like to have a small amount of coins in our pockets.  Alford: Library/ Wagner: P.E.
TWrite 2 sentences that describe  your favorite type of weather. Draw a picture to match. Alford: Art/ Wagner: Library
WReview: Write 3 words that end in –ox.Write 3 words that end in –ot.Write 3 words that end in –op. 1:10 dismissal
ThReview:Write a sentence for the following word wall words: have, see, and whatAlford: Music/ Wagner: Art
FEarly Dismissal Please return homework notebooks and work envelope.Alford: P.E./ Wagner: Music