Disease research paper


Research papers:


Title page






Introduce the reader to what you are doing. Let them know what you are researching and why. Then tell them the background information. In this case, the disease name, the pathogen, how the disease is spread, its origins (if known), and any relevant history you find. Keep in mind who your reader is (may be ignorant of some terminology)


In You

Then tell the reader about the pathogen. Where does it attack? What does it do there? What are the symptoms? This will be one of the harder sections.


Fighting it

Next, tell the reader how your body attempts to fight the pathogen. Describe the body’s lines of defense and immune response. Tell what drugs are used to help fight it. Lastly, tell what the prognosis is if contracted. This can be largely from your notes on the immune response.



Recap the information you presented. Please do not add new information here other than statistics which support what you have already said. This section can be very short.



You must cite your references accurately. You must have at least three sources. Wiki is not the best of sources--although it is a terrific leaping off site. You may cite a personal conversation with a person (your parent, doctor, teacher, etc.).


Spelling / Grammar


As you can see, there will be at least four paragraphs and at least three references. You may have an intro that is multiple paragraphs if you find a lot of information. Please do not forget your nuts and bolts (name, date, title). They do not have to be on a separate title page if you wish to conserve paper.