Drug research paper

Research paper #2


A drug's effect on the nervous system


To highlight and reinforce your understanding of the nervous system, you will choose a drug and research its effects on the nervous system. Then you will write up and present in class what you learned. The paper should look something like this:






Introduction: Introduce the reader to your project. Tell them what drug you chose and why. Tell them the origin of your drug as well as other names it goes by and sources of it (i.e. Caffeine can be found in the following products...). You should also include additional information you find be it the history of the drug, the literary references you know of, the social or legal debate around it, etc.


This next paragraph should tell the reader what happens synaptically. It should include the relevant transmembrane proteins, neurotransmitters, and sections of the brain. This is usually the most confusing and difficult to research section. As for help if you need it. Please write to a general audience. I love to hear scientific and large words, but you must also explain those terms to your reader. i.e. my drug is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is released by some neurons to stimulate the pleasure center of the brain. Normally, that serotonin would be reabsorbed by the stimulating neuron. My drug binds with the transmembrane proteins that do the reabsorbing, thereby blocking its reuptake. Therefore, more serotonin stays in the synapse than usual. That means that whenever that neuron releases its neurotransmitter to stimulate the next neuron, it continues to stimulate that neuron longer than normal. Since serotonin...


The next paragraph should include the effects of the drug, both intended and otherwise. Intended effects include why the user chooses that drug. Side effects include all the other effects that it has. These can be short term or long term. Some of the drugs may not be very well researched and may include vague terms like a “high” feeling. Again, please explain terms that other 7th graders may not understand.


Conclusion paragraph: Wrap up with a quick summary of the drug. You may include your personal feelings about its usage if you want, but it is not necessary.



At least three references. Steer clear of wiki. You may use it as a jumping off site to learn about your drug, but follow the links to learn more and have a more consistent reference. You may site a person (like me)