Excretory system

Now that the blood has gone throughtout the body it has collected wastes that must be expelled.  The system by which organisms get rid of wastes is called the excretory system.



What wastes do we have to get rid of?



What are the organs of excretion?



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FIrst and foremost in this unit are the kidneys:

You have two kidneys and they filter your blood constantly.  They are about 10 cm long.  Everything gets dumped out of the blood and only the desired things get reabsorbed.


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The functional part of the kidney is called a nephron.  You have about one million nephrons within each kidney.

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The deeper the medula, the longer the loop of Henle, the saltier the kidney, the more concentrated the urine.


Why do you suppose kidneys filter by dumping everything out and using energy to reabsorb only the desirables instead of using less energy to pump out just the bad things?




The liver is vital in detoxifying toxins in your blood:

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Your skin excretes sweat to cool you off:

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How do you keep these organs healthy?