Lab report rubric

Step by Step Lab Report Rubric

Section Specifics Points

     Heading [5]

Name - full name 2

Date - the date of lab writing 1

Title - relevant title 2


     Introduction [20]

Who - full names of all people in group 2

When - date and time of experiment 1

Where - location of experiment 1

What - brief overview of what you did 2

Why - brief explanation of why you did it (testable question) 5

How - brief description of procedure 2

Hypothesis statement - if, then statement (your prediction) 5

Why you made this prediction 2


     Materials & Procedure [20]

Detailed list of all materials used (specific where relevant) 4

Step by step procedure is repeatable (detail where relevant) 4

No steps skipped or assumed 4

Procedure derived from and relevant to hypothesis 4

One-to-one correlation between listed materials and materials used 4


     Results [15]

Objective data only 5

One-to-one correlation between procedure and results 3

Data displayed in a chart, graph, or drawing 3

Data display is labeled clearly 2

Uses terms like control and variable (or independent and dependent) 2


     Conclusions [15]

Conclusions drawn are supported by the evidence in the results 10

Conclusions answer the testable question 5


     Discussion [20]

Any outliers, difficulties, and surprises explained 5

Assumptions and other possible sources of error explained 5

Possible ways of correcting errors and difficulties 5

Next steps to continue this research 5


     Spelling and Grammar [5]

Each error I find is -1


Ideally lab reports are concise (short but thorough) and dry (boring) and written in thrid person past tense ("This was done...these results were observed...").