Making babies

Name______________________________________________ Date_____________________


Today you will make a baby all by yourself.  You have seen Trevor jr. and others around my classroom.  This is how they were made.  We assume that the two parents are heterozygous for all the traits meaning that there is a 50/50 chance of mom passing along any gene and same for dad.  To model this, get two coins and a piece of paper.

First, flip one coin and determine the babies sex at birth.  Name the baby.  Now go through this sheet and draw on the physical appearance:

Image result for genetics making a baby lab

Image result for genetics making a baby lab

If you can, take a picture and share your babies with me (and the class).  

Feel free to make more than one, but no cheating and choosing the traits you want.  You have to roll for a unibrow no matter how much you want Boris to have one.