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Science is the process of discovering new things through controlled experimentation;

it is trying to find answers;

it is the pursuit of knowledge, the process by which we pursue it, and the knowledge learned through this process.





The scientific method:

1.  Observe the world and pose a question
2.  State a hypothesis (testable explanation)
3.  Make a prediction from hypothesis
4.  Design and carry out an experiment
5.  Gather and analyze data
6.  Draw conclusions from data
7.  Revise hypothesis

Replicable-data must be carefully recorded
Peer review-publish reports and present




Important scientific skills:

1.  Careful observation
2.  Creativity / Originality
3.  Detailed writing
4.  Accuracy in data collection
5.  Unbiased analysis
6.  Critical eye on experiments
7.  Lab report writing
8.  Presentations to peers



Results are objective facts and observations

Conclusions are the opinion you conclude based on the results



A control is replica of the experiment with all variables controlled

These are needed as a comparison point so you know what is "normal"

A variable is the thing an investigator changes to learn about

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