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Melanie Turner Biology Syllabus 
Biology I & II  (Honors)                
Contact Information: mrturner@jmcss.org    Phone:"REMIND" APP FOR MOBILE COMMUNICATION
Planning period: 1st period
Tutoring Time: During Mentoring time and upon request
The course will be taught using or doing the following:
Lab work
Class discussion
Reading Text
Reading Handouts
Note taking
Microsoft PowerPoint
Video Production

As much as possible, I will have the students practice in class what scientists really do: observe, hypothesize, question, experiment, and draw conclusions. 
I emphasize thinking, learning content, facts, is important, but helping students think like a scientists is my goal. 
All students in my class can succeed and excel. I structure the class to get the students excited about science and learning, but encourage responsibility; I require student’s work to be neat, clear, as well as, correct spelling, punctuation and grammar on all assignments. Please help me keep high standards; reinforce high standards at home, urge your student to do his/her best.

These items should be brought everyday 
One subject spiral notebook
Pencils and pens
Biology Textbook
Colored pencils 
Highlighter  (one will do)
Some type of mobile technology (if available)

Your grade is based mostly on labs, drawings, worksheets, quizzes, and tests. My grading scale is as follows:l

60%    Tests
30 %    Quizzes
5%    Lab
5%    Homework / Daily work
25%    Final Exam 

Ms. Turner’s Classroom Procedures    
General Classroom Behavior    
Bring material to class  

 Each student is required to bring all materials to class every class session. The materials should include: A writing utensil, class notebook, and class textbook. If this is a problem for the students to accomplish, I will contact parents to make them aware of the problem and help in correcting the problems.
Being at the assigned seat at the start of class    

Each student is expected to be in their seats when the bell rings. Before the bell rings is permitted. Students will come in and view the  information on the board to see their next direction.
Respecting and being polite to others 

   Each person in the classroom including the teacher will practice being respectful to others and their property during class time. We will practice being respectful by listening while others are speaking, keeping the classroom clean, and keeping our hands and rude comments to ourselves.
Talking or not talking at specific times 

   The teacher will direct the class of the appropriate talking times.
Leaving the assigned seat  

 I will direct the class of the appropriate times to leave assign seats. The students will be allowed to leave their seats during group activities, labs, and to gather or organize materials.
Respecting other people’s property  

 Each student will handle their own belongings only. Disrespecting others people property will not be tolerated.
Beginning of the Day and Class period    
Taking attendance  

 Attendance will be taken every class session during the first 5 minutes of class. Excessive absences will be addressed. The first 3 absences will result in a phone call to parents, 5 or more absences will result in a truancy referral.
Missed work due to absences  

 Notes will be recorded. Students can get the missing assignments from the Internet or website.  It will be the responsibility of the absent student to get the missing assignments completed.  Additionally, students can refer to the Biology schedule that will given for each unit. 

 If students are late, then they must have a note to enter into my room. Excessive tardiness will be result in phone calls to home and /or referrals. 3 tardies equal one absence.

 Homework will be assigned on a daily basics. 
Transitions and Interruptions    
Leaving the room  

 "In case I have to leave the room for any circumstance, the students are to continue working on any activity as if I were still in the room. If the students are working individually than I expect them to be quiet. If the students are working in groups or labs, I expect them to keep the noise level to a minimum. 
In times where we have to leave the room as a class, I will inform the class of our destination and tell them how I expect them to act. I will explain to the class that whenever we leave the room we always walk in a straight line on the right side of the hallway. 

*******************Restroom procedure *************************
You will receive 6 Restroom tickets. When you have to go to the restroom, you will give me your ticket. If you run out of tickets, then you can no longer get anymore."
Returning to the room.    "We will return to the room as a class. If you return to the room after the class, this will be counted as a tardy.

************* Lunch procedure********************
My third period class will eat 3rd lunch. When you are dismissed from the cafeteria, go to the restroom during lunch."
Fire drills    When the fire drill alarms, as a class we will go to our designated area outside. We will line up as class and I will take roll to make sure everyone is present.
Use of Materials and Equipment    
Disturbing, Collecting, and Storing  Materials  

 I will pass out, collect, and store all materials needed for any activity
Group Work    
Moving during group work    When the class is working in groups moving to other groups is not prohibited. Moving around to get more supplies or ask the teacher questions is permitted. Students are to participate in the groups and stay on task. If students are not paying attention and/or participating in group activities, 10 points will be deducted from the activity.
Group leaders  

 I will assign group and group roles.
Group sharing    

Each group activity will be different; I will give instructions for group sharing. I will appoint different groups to share their information. Every group will have a chance to report. 
Communicating with the teacher during group time.   

 Any student who needs to ask  a question has permission to call me or to leave their seats to communicate with me. When you leave your seat, please do not interrupt any students. 
Seatwork and Teacher led activities    
Paying attention during presentations  

 Paying attention during lecture, lab, and activities are crucial for passing this class and safety. 

 Every student is required to participate in any activity that I assign. Failure to comply will result in a lowered grade, phone call to parents, or incentives loss. 
Talking among students  

 Students will have the opportunity to socialize with their fellow classmates. Privileges will be lost if a student does not know how to stay on task or if the student cannot make the transition to pay attention. 
Obtaining help    

The student has the right to ask for help from me at any time during the class session. I will inform the class of appropriate times to obtain help from classmates. Assessments are not the appropriate time to obtain help from classmates. 
Behaving while out of seat.     

The same behavior level is expected when a student is out of their seat as when they are in their seat. There will be no horse playing allowed in the labs or lecture areas. If a student decides to horseplay then they will receive 50 out of 100 for their lab assignment. 
Behaving when work is done.   

 If a student finishes his/her work before everyone else or the assigned time then he or she will have permission to read Science materials. I will not allow you to finish work in your other classes. You are required to select a future assignment from your monthly schedule and complete. 
Electronic Devices  

 Cell phones, iPads and any other devices are allowed in class only for educational purposes. Please do not ask to listen to music. 
Heads Down Policy   

 Students will practice good posture in my class.. Do not slouch or lay your head down in my classroom. 
Food and Drink Policy  

 Students are allowed to have bottle drinks and small individual snacks in the lecture area, but not in lab. If you cannot clean up after yourself privileges will be taken away.
Slang Policy  

 We are in an educated setting, so we will conduct ourselves in that manner. Please refrain from using slang.  You will use correct English when addressing me or your fellow classmates or you will not receive a response.