Classroom Policies

Classroom Policies
Homework- Homework will be assigned daily Monday to Thursday night. All work will be assigned and explained in the students communication log. If students finish all classroom work early they will be able to work on assignment in class. Each night please make sure you look the assignment with your child and sign off on there work. All homework assignments and due dates, can be found in your child’s communication log, and on our class blog announcements.

Each assignment will be graded for completion, creativity and as well as ability to follow the assignment’s instructions. Each assignment will have a grading scale available.

Extra Credit
Extra credit will be able for those who it. We could talk about that on a one on one basis. 

Late Policy
Your child needs to be here on time. If your child is more than 5 minutes late they need to report to office first before coming to class. It is crucial to make sure students arrive on time. Lateness affects both time management as well as it can be disruptive to others. 

School policy states, If your child is absent for more than one day a doctors note will be required. Please call the front office everyday your child will be missing school due to an illness. If your child will be absent for an extended period of time, please email me in order to receive any assignments that your child can complete to turn in for credit when they return. For excused absences, students are given the same number of day(s) they missed school, to turn in all make-up school work.