My Classroom Expectations, Rules and Rewards

Ms. Monarrez Classroom Expectations

On the first day of the student's will receive a welcome packet that we will go over as a class. It will help put in place all the procedures and expectations we will have as a class for that year. The packet is for them to keep and you are more than welcome to go over it with your child to see if you have questions or concerns.  Every student will have to sign a digital citizen contract, that states that they will use the internet in a smart, respectful way. This contract will serve as a promise that they will be responsible and safe when online.  Other Expectations that will be expressed
will be in packet. These expectations are necessary because it will make it easier for the class to stay on task and help cut down the time in between projects as well as many others. All of them are necessary in order to create that welcoming environment.

My Classrooms rules will consist of;

1. Listen to others when they're talking
2. Always follow directions and do your best.
3. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves
4. Respect others and what is not yours.
5. Always be kind to others being careful with the words we us as well as for our actions.

These rules will help establish a set structure that is needed in any classroom. Same as the expectations mentioned above, these rules help ensure that the students are respectful and accepting of one another. It will also help ensure that the students stay on topic without other distraction that will help them academically.

My Reward System

Who does like get a reward? In my classroom I want to ensure that I encourage positive behavior and participation. Throughout the day I will praise such behavior and give them classroom rewards in the form of coupons that they could us at anytime.Students will earn these coupons for participation, doing a classroom job and for modeling prefered behavior. Each student will have a fair opportunity to earn be to earn such coupons. (See welcome packet for further details.)