About Me

Hello parents!

I am Ms. Alexandra LaMarche and I welcome you to Montclair Elementary! I am a firm believer that the communication between educators and parents is a big indicator to student success. If we can work together, the students will certainly be successful!

Because we will grow close this year, I would like to give you a little back ground about myself. I am a first year teacher here at Montclair Elementary. Being  a first year teacher means I have just come out of college and I am filled with new ideas that I am eager to share with my students. I love children, and have spent most of my life studying them and ways to be most effective with them. I take great pride in my passion to connect with students, teaching them academics as well as social skills. 

I have one child of my own. His name is Kylann and he is currently in the first grade. When I approach situations in the classroom, I look at them from both an educator and parental perspective. I grow really close with my students and expect them to respect me as I do them. 


I look forward to a fun, fascinating year with you all! 


Thank you, 

Alex LaMarche