Well Managed Classroom

“Effective teachers MANAGE their classrooms.  Ineffective teachers DISCIPLINE their classrooms.”- Wong, p. 83


“In a study review 11,000 pieces of research that spanned 50 years, three researchers determined that there are 28 factors that influence student learning and placed them in rank order.  The most important factor governing student learning is Classroom Management.”- (Wong, p. 82)  Classroom management defined simply is strategies and method you used to operate with, and your disposition as the teacher to your class.  Management is a choice.  The only person you can control if yourself.  That being said, if you can only influence other people, you must first know how you want to influence, and what you are influencing people to do.  This includes knowing what procedures and rules you want to enforce, knowing how you plan to react or not react in a situation, and decided ahead of time what your role is in the classroom.  If the teacher holds high expectations of his/her self, then their classroom management will be highly successful. The way your classroom is managed dictates the tone of the year. If you allow your students to get away with things then they will take advantage of it. Also you must remember that these students desire structure and it is your job to give that to them. 

Ex) I will not make my voice louder to call the class to attention.   By controlling your volume, you are taking control of the situation, you are not showing emotion, or giving students a reason to get loud back or feel disrespected.  No one likes to be yelled at, regardless of age.