Being an Effective Teacher

The effective teacher knows three things, according to Wong.  The effective teacher has “positive expectations for their students’ success, good classroom management, and knows how to design lessons for student mastery”(p.9). 


Having positive expectations about student success is the belief that each student is capable of learning, and that they can learn well.  This belief is for every student that enters the classroom. This is a mentality that must be presented constantly to the students, so that they know you believe in them. The students must feel that you are believing in them, so they will buy into your system of teaching. If they do not believe you then they wont follow you. 


Ex) If the teacher believes that the student a below average and incapable of improvement than the student will rise to those low expectations and the teachers disposition towards the student will be that of disappointment and defeat. 

The effective teacher also knows that engaging students in a lesson will keep them interested, actively learning, and less likely to show misbehavior.  The teacher knows the content and uses a variety of strategies to convey the information so that there is less focus on management and more focus on learning.  When students want to know more, the exhibit unwanted behavior less.