Lesson Plan

Goals-After this lesson, students should be able to go home and collect some of the same shapes that were discussed in class and bring them in for show and tell.  

Objectives-During this lesson, students will draw shapes from around the classroom on their paper, using crayons and markers by the time I walk around and reward good shapes with stickers.

 Prerequisites-The students must understand the characteristics of a circle. The students must understand the characteristics of a square. The students must be able to identify a circle and square from all other shapes.   

Materials-Paper,Crayons, markers, colored pencils. Brown paper bag- Circles and Squares Everywhere by Max Grover. Stickers 

Lesson Description-This lesson will help the students understand what makes a circle a circle, and a square a square.The level of learning covered in this lesson plan is comprehension, and application. 

Lesson Procedure                                                                                                                                                                                Introduction-I will introduce this lesson with a book called Circles and Squares Everywhere by Max Grover. This book uses simple terms to demonstrate the presence of circles and squares in everyday objects. After the book reading, I will direct the students to their desk to start on the drawing of circles and squares from the classroom. The students will then be expected to use their knowledge to recover objects from their homes to share with the other students. Main Activity-The focus of this lesson is to let the students learn the differences between circles and squares. Closure/Conclusion-At the end students, use the objects from their homes to help the other students realize what a square is and what a circle is.-I will provide feedback with the students by awarding them with stickers. Follow up lessons/Activities-My follow up lesson is when the students bring their shapes from home. 

Assessment/Evaluation-By having the students from a brown paper bag with their shapes, it provides me with their understanding of the lesson from the day before.