Nonfiction Research Report on State Expectations




You have your state….so now comes the REPORT! You all now have at least 3 books as resources.


You will research your specific state, learn how to take notes, organize your data into report format, and keep track of resource information to include in your bibliography. 


You have your binder to use to organize all of your report research and materials. You have also been given 2 copies of these guidelines. One copy should stay in your binder AT ALL TIMES. The other copy can either stay at home or keep it in a folder.


Please follow these guidelines and the ones on your grading sheet to help you organize, plan, and write your report.


You will write your report in paragraph form for the sections that require written information. You should indent each paragraph or skip a line between paragraphs. Be consistent with whichever method you choose.


Here are the specific requirements for this STATE RESEARCH REPORT:


_____ FOLDER: Your report should be in some sort of a folder, binder, or put together in 

some way so that it is protected. I have folders if you need one.


_____ TITLE PAGE: The title page should include at least this information:

1. a title (your state’s name, etc…)

2. your name

  1. date (October 2011)


_____ TABLE OF CONTENTS: This should be the second page in your folder. Everything 

included in this report should be listed here.


_____ INTRODUCTION: This comes after the Table of Contents. Introduce your state 

and explain why you chose it or why it’s of interest to you. You can tell some basic information 

about your state if you would like. 


_____ HISTORY: This section should include at least the following information….

1. date of statehood

2. ranking out of the 50 states

3. important dates in your state’s history

Other things that you could include: historical facts how it became a state, early exploration and explorers, first people who lived there, etc….





_____ GEOGRAPHY: This section should include at least the following information….

1. land information

2. area (size) of the state

3. rivers, lakes, mountains, etc….

Other things that you could include: famous land forms, important elevations, etc….


_____ PEOPLE: This section should include at least the following information…..

1. population

2. famous people

Other things that you could include: type of people (nationality, etc…..), rural or urban 

populations, etc…


_____ CLIMATE: This section should include at least the following information….

1. weather

2. usual weather (all seasons)

3. precipitation (rain, snow, etc…)

Other things you could include: any other interesting facts about the weather.


_____ AGRICULTURE/INDUSTRY: This section should include any/all of the following 

that apply to your state:

1. farming

2. manufacturing/processing

3. mining

4. fishing

5. tourist industry

6. other

Feel free to include any other topics that would fit in this category.


_____ NATURAL RESOURCES: This section should include any/all of the following that 

apply to your state:

1. forests

2. minerals

3. land forms

4. water

5. other

Feel free to include any other resources that are important to your state.


_____ ILLUSTRATIONS: This section comes after all of your written information. 

Illustrations can come within your writing if applicable. You must include the following 


1. a map of your state (labeled with the state name and the 

capital named and located

2. state bird (labeled)

3. state flower (labeled)

4. state flag

Other illustrations that you could include: state tree, state seal, pictures from the state, maps, 

charts, graphs, state animal, state insect, etc….


_____ BIBLIOGRAPHY: List ALL sources/resources used. You must have at least 3 

resources…they can’t be the same type. For example, you could have two websites and one book, 

but you cannot have 3 websites and no other resource. 

Possible resources include:  books, magazines, encyclopedias, brochures, pamphlets, internet


Some bibliography examples:


Encyclopedia “Article Title.” Book title. Year of publication. 

Example: “Mandarin.” Encyclopedia Americana. 1993 ed.


Book Author’s last name, First name. Title. Place of publication: publisher, date

Example: Jones, Susan. Jump Over the Log. New York: Dutton, 1997.


Online/Internet Author’s last name, First name. “Title of Article.” Accessed through (name of 

computer network). Date of access. Available: electronic address (URL)

Example: Eisenberg, M. “The Big 6 Skills.” Accessed through Safari. May 18th, 2009.


_____ PRODUCT OF YOUR CHOICE: You need to choose another way to show what you 

have learned about your state---BE CREATIVE. Think of some way to show something about your state. You could make a model, poster, brochure, diorama, mobile, etc…..It’s totally up to you.                 

HAVE FUN! **This must be PRE-APPROVED before you do it!**


______ ORAL PRESENTATION: After your report and project are completed, you will 

present your information and product to the class. You will be sharing what you have learned 

with the class. Please plan to spend about 5 minutes on your oral presentation. 


See rubrics for product and oral presentation attached.


You may add any additional information you would like. Be sure to organize your report in a 

logical manner. You may write this report in pencil, pen, or type it. Please write on only one side 

of the paper. I will be collecting your notes and research folders when this project is complete.

Do your best work and good luck! Happy researching!



Items to include:                     Points possible:

Title page                                                       5

Table of contents                                       5

Introduction                                              10

History                                                         15

Geography                                                 15

People                                                           15

Climate                                                      15

Agriculture/industry                           15

Natural resources                                 15


Map                                                             5

State flower                                            5

State bird                                                 5

State flag                                                   5

Product of your choice                       40

Bibliography                                         10

Complete sentences and paragraphs

Editing/spelling                                  15

Neatness                                              10

Organization                                         15

220 points total

A = 198-220 points             B = 176-197 points                C = 154-175 points                        D = 132-153 points



You must choose one of the following choices for your PRODUCT in your report. 

Please look over the choices, read through the descriptions, and decide which one 

appeals to you the most. The product descriptors/requirements are also attached 

here. There are also some more general ideas that you can make your own. Your 

product choice needs to be pre-approved by me.


This is your opportunity to create an advertisement for your state! For this product 

you will need to design a travel brochure all about your state. The object of this 

brochure is to provide information about your state, persuade people to come and 

visit, and show off some of the neat things that there are to do there.


This is your opportunity to get really creative, act up a storm, and be the star of 

your very own commercial! You will need to plan, design, and “perform” this oral 

presentation. You could also tape it instead of “performing” in front of the class. 

That will be up to you . This oral presentation/info-mercial is designed to provide 

information about your state, persuade people to come and visit, and show off some 

of the neat things that there are to do there.


This is your opportunity to show case your “display” talents! This product lets you 

really get creative. This choice should include at least 5 facts or types of 

information about your state. This information should be both visual and written. 

The information presented should be things that you would like people to know/see 

about your state.

OTHER CHOICES—or you can make up your own—just get it pre-approved first

collage                                                 flip book               mobile                 newspaper            timeline

craft                                                      game                      model                  diorama                 singing

paper sculpture                              puzzle                     mural                    video                     PowerPoint/Key Note


PARTS                                                                  ATTRIBUTES

Content/Information                             *sticks to/supports the topic

(20 points)                                                            *include at least 5 points of interest in your presentation

                                                                                 *editing should be correct—spelling, punctuation, and capitalization

                                                                                *title should have capital letters beginning each word

Visuals                                                               *should be bright and colorful

(18)                                                                        *should have a title

                                                                                *visual should be put together in a neat and organized fashion

                                                                               *visuals should go with your content

Credits                                                             *write your first and last name near the bottom of your visual

(2 points) 

40 points total possible

A =  23-25 points B = 20-22 points C= 17-19 points D =  14-16 points


PARTS                                                           ATTRIBUTES

Introduction                                         *introduce yourself

(2 points)                                                    *explain and name the purpose of presentation

Content                                                   *sticks to/supports the topic

(20 points)                                               *topic and vocabulary appropriate for the topic

                                                                      *include at least 5 topics of interest in your presentation

Conclusion                                             *summarizes the presentation

(1 point)                                                   *includes a thank you to audience for listening


Questions/Comments                 *asks if there are any questions or comments

(2 points)                                                *listens patiently

                                                                    *gives appropriate answers

25 points total

A =  23-25 points B = 20-22 points C = 17-19 points D = 14-16 points