Mrs. Rich's Math Literature

Math Literature:

Counting and Number Sense:      

1 Hunter, Hutchins

1,2,3 to the zoo: A Counting Book, Carle

A Caribbean Counting Book, Faustin

Anno's Counting Book, Anno

Bunches and Bunches of Bunnies, Matthews

Count Your Way Through Series, Haskins

Count!, Fleming

Count-a-Saurus, Blumenthal

Counting Crocodiles, Sierra

Counting Penguins, Chessen

Counting Wildflowers, McMillan

Every Buddy Counts, Murphy

Feast for 10, Falwell

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Christelow

Frogs Jump: A Counting Book, Brooks

From One to One Hundred, Sloat

Gray Rabbit's 1, 2, 3, Baker

How Many Feet? How Many Tails?: A book of Math Riddles, Burns

How Many Snails?, Giganti

How Much Is A Million?, Schwartz

Kellogg's Froot Loops!. Barbier

M & M's Counting Book, McGrath

Mice Twice, Low

Monster Math, Miranda

Mouse Count, Walsh

One Crow A Counting Rhyme, Aylesworth

One Gorilla: A Counting Book, Morozumi

One Hungry Cat, Burns

One Potato, Pomeroy

One Watermelon Seed, Lottridge

Over in the Meadow, Keats

Splash!: A Penguin Counting Book, Chester

Ten Black Dots, Crews

Ten Bright Eyes, Hindley

Ten Little Rabbits, Grossman

Ten, Nine, Eight, Bang

The Baseball Counting Book, mcGrath

The Cheerios Counting Book, Bolster

The Crayon Counting Book, Ryan

The Gummy Candy Counting Book, Hutchings

The Icky Bug Counting Book, Pallotta

The Rain Forest Counts!, McCourt

Two Crazy Pigs, Nagel

Two Ways to Count to Ten, Dee

What Comes in 2's, 3's, and 4's?, Aker

Addition and Subtraction:

12 Waus to Get to 11, Merriam

Domino Addition, Long

Elevator Magic, Murphy

Fish, eyes: A Book You Can Count On, Ehlert

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Christelow

Jelly Beans for Sale, McMillan

Monster Math Picnic, MacCarone

One Guinea Pig is Not Enough, Duke

One Hundred Hungry Ants, MacKain

Splash, Jonas

Ten Sly Piranhas, Wise

The Candy Counting Book, McCourt

The Shopping Basket, Burningham

Twenty is Too Many, Duke