About Me

Mrs. Robinson

My name is Mrs. Robinson and I am proud to say that I am a teacher!  I knew from an early age (middle schooler) that I wanted to be a teacher. I was the kid who went back to see my teachers afterschool. I've grown to love the art of teaching even more, not just the profession.  Originally from Jackson County, Florida, later receiving most of my education from Gadsden County, I continued my education here in Tallahassee, Fl.  I attended Tallahassee Community College to finish my A.A degree that I began while in high school.  Walking across the stage to become a graduate of Florida State University by earning my Bachelor of Science in English Education (6-12) was by far one of my greatest accomplishments.  Once more, I pushed to further my education by achieving my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.

I have nine years of teaching experience.  Before becoming a wolf, I taught for three years in Jackson County.  I love the wonderful atmosphere here at The Creek.  During my teaching career, I've taught seventh and eighth graders content such as Creative Writing, Writing and Grammar, Language Arts, etc.  I have also had the unique experience of working with small groups of students to help them progress and experience success with testing and organization.  Additionally, I've provided tutoring primarily in the area of reading to help students improve their comprehension skills as well.  This year I look forward to another great feat, teaching 6th graders.

Married with two children, I don't have much of it, but in my spare time, I fancy relaxing, watching TV (a lot), spending time with family, attending sporting events, reading, and eating.  I believe that my life has purpose; for He gave gifts and one was the gift of teaching.  It is my hope that once my students learn of my story, they will get to know and trust me.  I hope that my students will see that struggle does not mean failure.  And when you do fail; failure ultimately produces success.  Because it's not about never messing up, it's about how you clean up the mess!