Shincheonji website

Shincheonji is now abbreviations of these Korean words meaning"new heaven and new earth."

The church is not just essential to get Christian, but attending a church is not really where the attention must be; your attention needs to be involved in a church. Once you see the brand new testament or the screenplay, if you are reading the James variant, you are going to discover word church in the 111 occasions. From moment his ministry was started by Jesus into the last publication of the sin.


While in earlier times you will find large families, but now there are many people who live alone. And thus there is emptiness a lot of men and women feel, and that's difficult. Many men and women who fall for that cult are Christian. What meaning is that even though they're getting to find help and fulfillment, the church is not able to assist. Shincheonji reddit frequently teaches followers to hate their parents and leave their own property for reasons.

Lee man hee welcomes those who are not satisfied with their previous church. Shincheonji isn't only a typical church; people who would like to be a part of the class must take class study. After graduation they could combine God's family. Lee could be the only priest in South Korea who will interpret the bible and knows sculpture.


The opinions of shincheonji are very active and have faith in anything they practice. The church is powerful and big, and there's no need to be suspicious; followers' number is sufficient to prove. Lee man hee could be. He educates people he also has a gift that is spiritual and cried the bible. He asks people to have trust in him, and he asserts to become immortal.