Ms. Ortiz Second Grade Class


Good morning dear parents and students!

April 6, 2020

Instruccions to log in Microsoft Teams:

1.- Log in, in the students portal.

2.- Click in Office 365 (The red big rectangle)

3,- Follow the prompt to enter your credentials. (Student's ID#)

4.- Click on the Blue icon named Teams.

5.- You will see Our Class Team there (The one with the colored pencils).

6.- Click there, there are ALL the Assignments for this week.

ESOL1 students: Please, complete assignments with your parents help. No i-Ready Reading for you!!

You should be using Imagine Learning for Reading minutes. Use MyOn too!

7.- Send me texts, for any questions about the assignments. - My office hours are from: 9:00 to 2:00pm

8.- Please, note that these assignments are for the entire week. 

At this time, I am working on the Zoom feature to allow students a meeting for the whole class with me.

Thank you parents for all your support during this difficult times!!

Ms. R. Ortiz smiley yes


April 3rd, 2020

Reading Assignments:

1.- Go to Brainpopjr. Username: SLE    Password: school

2.-Watch video "Similes". Complete easy and hard quizzes. Go to activity, make your ice cream cone similies!

Write 3 more examples of similes and illustrate each one.

Math Assignments:

1.- Continue in Brainpopjr.

2.- Watch video "Solving Word Problems". Complete both quizzes. Complete the activity that goes with this video.

3.- Write a math problem and solve it, following the same steps in the activity. (Understand, plan, solve, and check).

4.- Write and solve ten examples of a  4 numbers addition. Example:  10+25+12+98=

Please rearrange in a vertical manner. Example:  10

                                                                  +   25




Next Monday, we will start using Microsoft Teams. I will explain here how to access this application.

Have a nice and safe weekend!! yessmiley





April 2nd, 2020

Reading Assignments:yes

1,- Read on MyOn the book "The Truth About Fairies". Do the MyOn quiz.

     Answer the following questions:

    a) Are Fairies real?

    b) What do Fairies look like?

    c) Where do Fairies live?

    d) How is the Fairies behavior?

    e)Do they have magic powers?

Draw a picture of your favorite Fairy and explain why do you like it.

(Send pictures)


Math Assignments:yes

1,- Math WB. pages: 674, 675, and 676

2.- Reflexmath (Until the green circle is full)

3.- Compare numbers. Example 378 > 267  (Please, 10 examples).

(Send pictures).

Continue doing a great job!! 

 ESOL 1 Students: The same assignments.



Ms. R. Ortizsmiley



Abril 1, 2020

Reading Assignments:yes

1,- Go to Brainpop jr

2.- Watch video: "Main Idea", do Easy and Hard Quiz, and complete the cut and paste activity.

3.- Watch video: "Reading Nonfiction", do Easy and Hard Quiz, and complete the activity (Write, color, and cut out).

4.- Complete Iready Reading Minutes.

Send a picture of your work! 

Math Assignments: smiley

1.-     Continue in Brainpop jr

2.- Watch video: "Basic Parts of a Whole", Easy and Hard quiz, and complete the activity (Color the picture according the fraction).

3.-Complete Iready Math minutes.

Send a picture of your work!

ESOL 1 Students: Lo mismo, pero hacer Imagine Learning en vez de Iready Reading.

Have a wonderful day!! smiley

Important message from Mr. Gomez (Music Teacher):

Please log in: (bilbaovirtualmusic website) To get your music assignment!!

Any questions contact Mr. Gomez at his email.

Art: Please, contact Ms. Garcia:



March 31, 2020

Reading Assignments:

1.- Go to MyON to read the story "When Amelia Earhart Built a Roller Coaster". Complete the Quiz.

2.- Divide your paper in 4 parts.

     a. Characters


     c. Write 3 sentences to describe Amelia Earhart.

     d. Complete the following sentence: Amelia Earhart is famous because ____________________.

3.- Read another story on MyOn. Draw a picture of your favorite part.

Math Assignments:

1.- Math Workbook pages: 671, 672, and 673. (Can be printed), in case you can't, write only the answers.

2.- Work on Iready Math (30 minutes).

3.- Work on Sumdog (20 mins.)

Social Studies Assignments:

1.- Go to MyOn and read "Elect Me!" By Fran Manushkin.

Complete the Quiz (MyOn).

2.- Write a paragraph about the story. (Use your own words). A paragraph is made of 5 sentences.

3.- Answer the following question: Would you like to be the Class President? Why or Why not, please


ESOL 1 Students: Solo un libro para Reading/Imagine learning (30 mins.)

Please, send photos of your work!


Ms. R. Ortiz


March 30, 2020

Reading Assignments:

1.- Using your Scholastic Magazine "Look Both Ways, Elephants!",

     answer the following questions:

     1- What is a habitat?

     2.- What do wildlife corridors help animals do?

     3.- What kind of corridor are the elephants using?

     4.- If you prefer something, you___________________.

Draw a picture of the animal corridor that you like the most.

2.- Work in iReady Reading for 1 hour.   

Math Assignments:

1.- Open your math workbook through the student portal. Just click in it. Go to page 668 * Mid Chapter Checkpoint*. Print the page if possible. If not, just answer the questions in your paper.

2.- Continue in pages 669 and 670. Complete these pages.

3.- Work in REFLEXMATH, until you get the green circle complete.

Science Assignment:

1.- Go to MyOn, read the book "Do All Bugs Have Wings?". Complete de MyOn quiz for that book. Write 5 facts about the book.

ESOL 1 Students:

Lo mismo, en vez de hacer iReady Reading, hacer Imagine Learning o

 ART:     Go to    office 365 in your students portal:


Password: The one that you use for the portal, click on Teams to see the art lesson. (Any questions please ask Ms. Garcia's email)


Thanks for being a great student today!!yes



Note: I'm checking the minutes  Nota: Voy a checar los minutos.

Your grade depends on your completed assignments!

El grado depende de que el alumno/a comp[lete su trabajo.

Good Job!smiley