After we are into the routine of school, students will have daily homework. Before this, some projects will be completed at home. However, nightly homework will not start for a matter of weeks.


Homework is a very important part of Kindergarten and, as it is tied to reading and phonemic awareness. Two crucial parts of their literacy development. It is expected that homework is completed with a parent each night.


In addition to the student's assigned homework, it is expected that parents read to and or with their children a minimum of 15 minutes every night. Again, this is an important step in ensuring the child gets appropriate exposure to literature. Just think, 15 minutes a day for the entire year is 5,475 minutes. Of course, you want your child to be 5,475 minutes ahead, not behind!


Any other homework is designed to be reasonable at 5-10 minutes. Enjoy this time. These primary years may be the only time your children come home cheering about homework!


Keys to Homework Success


Work with your child each night. Ensure they are gripping the pencil correctly and saying the letter formation directions aloud. This helps provide accurate practice consistent with the practice done in the classroom.


Find a time of day that works for you and your scholar. Some families have better success completing homework in the morning after a full night of rest. Some find it works best right after school, or before bed. Homework is a big adjustment for Kindergartners! Don’t be afraid to try different times until you find a routine that works. Then sticking with that routine and it will help your student develop strong study habits.


While you are expected to supervise homework each night, do not do the work for your child.


Homework is due the next school day after it is assigned. (Unless noted differently) Homework should be returned to school each day in student’s blue Communication Folder.


Please contact me with any questions or concerns. I am happy to help offer ideas and support!