Links and Resources



Nova Classical Academy Website

This is the official Nova Classical Academy website.  Here you will find information regarding curriculum, faculty, extra curriculars, and a handy parent button that gives you access to a wealth of other information and all things Nova!


Growth Mindset Information

Nova promotes a growth mindset for all scholars.  To learn more about this please click the link above.


The Lost Tools of Learning

The Lost Tools of Learning is an article by Dorothy Sayers that inspire the modern interest in Classical Education.  It is great resource to deepen your understanding of the Classical Education model.


Books Your Child Can Read

Looking for some books for your child to read? There are so many good books available! This link is part of a website for families with gifted children, but the book list can work for everyone! I have found it to be especially helpful when I'm looking for books for a younger student who is reading above their grade level. The site also does a good job of summarizing the book, which is very helpful.


Other Resources


Don’t forget about those resources that cannot be found on the internet!


Local Public Libraries

Visit your nearest public library and help your scholar find books in the children’s section about our current science or geography topic as well as any other books that interest them!  Reading aloud to your child is an important tool for laying a strong foundation for learning and literacy.



Museums of all kinds are fun ways to experience a variety of content in an authentic way.  Take a trip with your family to explore many of the wonderful museums in the Twin Cities area.