Reading Placement


Nova is dedicated to providing the best learning opportunities for every student. Last year, the Board approved a new reading program to be used K-3 to ensure that every student is reading at or above grade level because reading is essential to success across the Nova curriculum. As part of this new program, most students K-3 will be participating in a Direct Instruction reading class as part of their regular reading curriculum.   Direct Instruction is a research based reading instruction program and will be used in conjunction with high quality literature in your child’s regular classroom.  


Nova is dedicated to challenging every student to their highest potential and will have a regular and an accelerated reading track for each grade level. Students are assigned to a level based on their placement exams and other reading data. In Direct Instruction classes, students are expected to be performing at or close to 100% almost all of the time. If a student has even a few errors in a lesson, the lesson must be retaught. To help with this accurate instruction, Nova is fortunate to have highly trained educational assistants who will be working alongside teachers. In these cases, EAs will be working with a cooperating teacher. This enables us to ensure that students are placed in the best class for their ability and that classes are properly sized.


Please feel free to contact your child’s reading teacher if you have any questions regarding the curriculum. Mrs. Tousignant, Lower School Principal, is available regarding any questions about your child’s placement. She can be reached at