Single Letter Phonograms


These are the single letter phonograms used in our spelling program. The students know these as their spelling sounds. It is incredibly important that you not teach letters that we have not yet taught in class fisrt.  We take great care to introduce the sounds in a certain sequence. Thank you for understanding and supporting our efforts!


Week 1

a Say: /a/, /ay/, /ah/ (ant, ape, ball)

c Say: /k/, /s/ (cat, cent)

d Say: /d/ (duck)

f Say: /f/ (fish)

Week 2

g Say: /g/, /j/ (gift, gem)

o Say: /ah/, /oh/, /oo/ (otter, oak, pool)

s Say: /s/, /z/ (seal, legs)

qu Say: /kw/ (quiilt)

b Say: /b/ (bird)

Week 3

e Say: /eh/, /ee/ (egg, emu)

h Say: /h/ (horse)

i Say: /ih/, /i/, /ee/ (igloo, ice, kiwi)

j Say: /j/ (jump)

k Say: /k/ (kite)

l Say: /l/ (lamp)

m Say: /m/ (map)

n Say: /n/ (no)

Week 4

p Say: /p/ (pony)

r Say: /r (run)

t Say: /t/ (top)

u Say: /uh/, /you/, /oo/, /oo/ (hut, music,
rule, put)

v Say: /v/ (vase)

w Say: /w/ (web)

x Say: /ks/ (box)

y Say: /y/, /ih/, /i/, /ee/ (yet, gym, why, baby)

Week 5

z Say: /z/ (zebra)