“Here’s to the volunteers, those dedicated people who believe in all work and no play.” smiley ~ Robert Orben

I am in need of some wonderful parents or grandparents (aunts and uncles, too) to help our class this year! I will post specific "jobs" that I would like help with on this link. Please email me if you would like to take on a job that I have posted. These jobs may be a project that you can do at home OR at school. These jobs count as hours toward your required 20 hours of Nova service.  Mnay thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to help at Nova or chaperone a field trip, we need to have a current background check on file prior to vlunteering.


Please contact Mrs. Rogge at your earliest convenience if you are interested in volunteering for one or more of the opportunities below: 

1.) Assembling student scrapbooks. -This is mostly a sorting and stapling job and can be done at home.  I will include instructions, an example and all the materials needed to assemble these fun memory books.


Here are some ways you can help throughout the school year:

  • I am willing to be a classroom cleaner - We could use someone to help keep the germs at bay by coming in to wash the tables once a week and put the chairs up. Preferably on a Monday and Wednesday right after school dismisses.


  • I am organized – We are looking for someone to come in once every two weeks to put together our scrapbook pages. This also could be an at home project. No artistic abilities are needed! The scholars do all the work. This is mostly a sorting and stapling job.


  • I can be a work room helper - Helping with copying, laminating, assembling booklets, creating learning labs and other miscellaneous tasks at school. Flexible hours! There is a high need for this weekly!!


  • Chaperone: Twice a year Kindergarten will go on a field trip. If you would like to volunteer to attend a field trip with our class, please make sure you have completed your background check!


  • I can help with special events - Sporadically throughout the school year there is a 1-2 hour time commitment during school day to help with special events at school.


  • I can do things at home throughout the year - We may need people to help sort, cut, and prep different materials. The projects will vary. This can be done at home and brought back the following day.