About Me

My name is Romina Peiris, and I just finished my Bachelor of Early Learning at La Trobe University.  
I was born on an Italian island name Sicily. Most of my school years I spent in Boarding school in Sri Lanka. Growing up in two different countries was an incredible experience.  Most school years I spent in a boarding school in a Catholic convent. Living with a large group of children, being distant from my family since a younger age has structured my independent personality. Seeing parents only a few times a year was difficult. I was experiencing hard times to concentrate, in studies or any extra curriculum activities. Then, I met a person who later had a significant impact on my decision to become a teacher; she was one of my primary teachers. She revealed to me how a great teacher could make a positive impact on children's life. She loved all her students and recognised methods to direct me to success in school years. 
Spending my school years with a different type of children with unique talents helped me to realise how passionate I am to mentor young children.
 There are a few skills  I have practised through my structured boarding school life. Creativity is the influential strength has helped me to outcome most challenging situations, working as a team to achieve everyday tasks and initiative skills.
During my leisure time I read, I sketch. I'm an admirer of nature. I love field trips and outdoor activities. Reading was a passion from a young age which helped me to dig into paths I never opened myself before. I enjoyed reading to younger children in my Boarding school.
After leaving school, I spent time studying Teacher Training Diploma in American college for higher education. I changed my residency and moved to Australia and completed certificate iii, in children services and Diploma of early childhood education. I got my first experiences as an assistant teacher in two Early Learning centre settings, working a few years with them help me to find out the qualities I had inside me. 
I'm a person who you can rely on,  I'm honest and confident in myself when it comes to challenging situations I can commit to working one hundred per cent, I love working in a motivated environment I keep my positive thoughts up, so I can create a positive atmosphere for others to work with. 
I chose to study Bachelor of Early Learning because I wanted to help children to develop their life skills, and I desire to be skilled and qualified to become an exceptional teacher. During my study period, I'm looking forward to learning about the range of teaching methods, discover planning types, and to connect with other experienced teachers, I hope to be the extraordinary teacher I always wanted to be.
As a teacher, I would like to educate children with respect for their individuality and try different methods to find out children's strengths and skills and create a foundation for their future.


"Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together."

-Scott Hayden-