Science for preschool


3 Layer Liquid: Science Activity For Kids:

(Preschool Science Activities)

Preschool Science Activity Requires:

- One Glass Jar

 - Syrup

- Cooking oil

 - Water

- 1 grape

- 1 plastic button

 - Small cork

 How to start the preschool science activity:

1.) Pour 1/3 cup of syrup into the glass jar.

2.) Pour 1/3 cup of cooking oil into the jar.

3.) Pour 1/3 cup of water into the jar.

4.) Let the liquids settle for a few minutes.

5.) Drop the plastic, grape, and small cork into the liquid one at a time.

6.) Notice and record with the children which objects settled in which layers of the liquids.

Activity courtesy of preschool learning online