Observing Your Child

The key to observing children, state authors Deb Curtis and Margie Carter in The Art of Awareness, is using observation as more than just a teaching technique.  Observing children closely provides a new way of thinking about learning and teaching, a way of making children visible as they are, not just as we want them to be.

               - excerpt from the book "The Art of Awareness"


"It takes practice for us to recover our ability to see, or before that, the gift of wanting to see.  For so many years we have been learning to judge and dismiss, 'I know what that thing is, I've seen it a hundred times.' And we've lost the complex realities, laws, and details that surround us.  Try looking the way the child looks, as if always for the first time."

Corita Kent

"We walk around believing that what we see with our eyes is real, when, in truth, each of us constructs our own understandings of what we are seeing."

Donald Hoffman