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United States of America Geography Quiz                                     Make a Grapefruit Globe 

Landform Quiz 

Latitude and longitude song                                                          7 continents song

Continent Quiz                           Continent Copycat Game               Play Mapman

Geography Game                              Quiz your Noodle- Geography quiz




September-    Labor Day Games

February Its Groundhog Day



  Web Quest 

Explorer Facts                          Enchanted Learning Facts                      Famous Americans & Explorers

Timeline of Explorers                Explorers Hall of Fame                         River Explorers- John Powell is here

United Streaming                     Timeline- another example

Do you know your explorers? 

Do you know the difference between Columbus and Ponce De Leon ?

Who went where? 

Explorers and Jamestown Quiz     Jamestown History Quiz



Meet the Presidents                 Do you want to be President for the day?



Basic Economics 


Happy Birthday, Arizona!

Learn more about our state


Habitat Webquest 


Happy Cinco de Mayo

History e-book  All about Mexico Hispanic Heritage 

The Story of Cinco de Mayo

Let's learn our ABC's 

How do I count? 

Now try counting backwards 

Learn the parts of your face

Would you like to learn a few Spanish words? 

Play Pinata Concentration 

Cinco de Mayo Webquest 

 Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Greece          Ancient Rome

Let's Compare Greece and Rome 

Ancient Greece       Quiz about Greece                          Ancient Rome      Quiz for Rome

Ancient Greece So You Want to Be A Millionaire  Interactive Map of Rome

Greece Quick Facts       Rome Quick Facts

Daily Life for Kids  

Other Ancient Civilations to explore

Greece and Rome Reviews