Class 531

Here is your next assignment for the Computer room.  You will be doing a WebQuest about Recycling.  Please follow all directions and read carefully. You will have a few weeks to complete the WebQuest. Have fun!!

Recycling at The Bellaire School

A Science Webquest for 5th Grade

As the population of our Earth is increasing , we are using resources and creating wastes every day. People are building cars, making computers, printing newspapers, etc.  All of these activities require resources from paper to steel to plastic.   When you finish reading the paper or when the computer breaks, what do you do with it?

You can throw it in the trash that will get picked up by the garbage company. It feels like it is gone for good, right? BUT…..the garbage company just moves your trash to another place and puts it in a landfill. The landfill will eventually get full from everyone's trash being put into it and then the garbage company will need to dig another landfill. 

A better solution is to RECYCLE your used items. Recycling is one great way to reduce our resource use and cut down the amount of trash going into landfills.
  So, P.S. 135 class 531 has been chosen to be the model school for recycling.  All other schools will use the model for recycling that you design.

You will design a plan to help recycle items in your school.  Using PowerPoint, create a slideshow that convinces people to recycle that item that you choose. Be as creative as you can!

Here is your task:

You will choose one school recyclable material from the list:

paper - looseleaf, printer paper, text books

cardboard boxes

plastic- cups, trays, drink boxes, sporks

metal - aluminum cans,


computers and printers

pencils and pens

furniture- wooden chairs and desks

Then, you will research all about your recyclable.  Here is information that you need to create your PowerPoint Slideshow:

Slide 1 - This is your cover slide - put your name, class, the title of your recyclable and some pictures.

Slide 2 - Tell about what recycling is and how we recycle in New York City.

Slide 3 - Tell about what school recyclable you chose to do.  Tell about ways that it can be recycled. 

Slide 4 -

Resources you can use to get information: