Room A-7's Webpage

Hello Students and Families!

This webpage is dedicated to bringing Room A-7 to the home.  On this website I will post activities that our class has done or will be doing.  Students and parents will be able to find links to some of our favorite webpages, as well as academics that we are working on in class.  Families will also get the opportunity to preview photos of Room A-7 in action, and they can view work done by the students, along with any notes about upcoming events in Room A-7.  This is also a great way for families and students to discuss what is happening at school.  Take this webpage and use it to spark conversations about what we are doing in the classroom.  This will allow families the opportunity to really take part in the classroom environment.  This technology allows families to re-create the school day at home.  I hope you will all take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.