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Many of the outstanding websites for Educator Resources are listed below.  Add more to your EducatorPages website!  Do not forget! Please give them a phone call, visit them or send an e-mail before attaching the link. :)  It is a pleasure to be in contact with them over this year and years ahead!.  (Also, some Links may expire-not active-, then, you may need to revise your list and find if there is a new link.)

Museum of Art and Archaeology, Columbia, Missouri

University of Missouri Afro-Romance Institute for Languages and Literatures

Mizzou K-12 Online

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

TeachCal.comFree Online Calendars for Teachers
 Free Clip Art
50 States and Capitals
Cursive Writing Sheets
 Primary Handwriting
 Teach-nology: Tools, Calculators and more
Educational Technologies at Mizzou
Foreign Language Association of Missouri
Missouri Training Institute

Phi Delta Kappa International Professional Educator Association

Center on Instruction

And is In Associaton with:

RMC Research Corporation

Mizzou Online at the University of Missouri-Columbia

New Readers Press ProLiteracy 

ProLiteracy Reference Guide for the GED 2014

StrenghtQuest Professional Development

K-12 Education, Higher Education and Community


Oct. 1, 2013  Additional Professional Links   smiley

Connected Educators: Helping Educators Thrive in a Connected World.

Personalize Learning:  Transform Learning for All Learners

Personalize Learning: Blog of Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey

Calico Spanish:  Great Ideas for World Language Teachers smiley                                                                             Center for Applied Linguistics    World Religions in ART  ChristNotes    (This page is revised monthly. 7-30-2018)