Mrs Rosa England Spanish Instructor Professional 21st Century Educator

 Spanish Teacher: Teaching Spanish for many years has left me with an ongoing feeling and reflection of the amazing successes of many educators and students.  In addition, there is an ongoing memory of teaching the students, assisting their learning, and letting them learn creatively within the parameters of Scientific Learning - Research Based and Education Researched Based Best Practices. (Please visit the All Teachers and Spanish Instructor Resources page for research and support Links. Thanks.) smiley

Professional 20th-into 21st. Century Educator:  Being included in the the professionalism of the schools, organizations, institutions, to be as an Educator, Sponsor, Guest, or as a Substitute Teacher, rings home my passion for outstanding and exceptional teaching and learning for each of the days consistently. Life-Long teaching and learning, along with Volunteering, have been my elevating, learning journey in my professional educator consistent growth. It is an honor to among the many.

Volunteer, Museum Associate (Ambassador of Goodwill), Researcher, and a Life-Long Teaching and Learning Professional Educator are all a list of descriptions of me.

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