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"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb  

Scholarships in the future....

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Scholarships open doors for many future opportunites for learning, growing, teaching, leading, coordinating, directing, managing, discovering and researching in every turn and each step that is taken in our busy lives.

Many organizations can help create a vision for scholarship and leadership. Where can or will a focus present itself?.......It just might be in your mission to do great things! Maybe an organization, nonprofit or for profit,  may be helpful. 

Some leadership scholarships focus on STEM or lead to something greater as STEAM. STEM: Science Technology Engineering and Math. STEAM: Science Technology Engineering Architecture (ART-Humanities-World Languages) and Math (Music - Museums)

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Scholarship Opportunities for academic strong young male and female students:

Resource Links:


General Federation of Women’s Club of Missouri

National Society of High School Scholars Foundation

The Journal-The STEAM Archive


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