Supply List 20-21

Supply List 20-21 for BOTH ESS & Phy. Sci

· 1 - 2 plastic pocket folder with prongs any color

· Earbuds or Headphones

· Metric RULER

· If you have a tablet/iPad bring it to class! - we will work frequently in OneNote


Pencils, erasers, colored pencils & markers, glue sticks, scissors 

· Last name A-P: Antibacterial/sanitizing wipes or 1 box of tissue – for classroom

· Last name Q-Z: 4 dry erase markers – for classroom

· 1 box of Zip lock bags (either gallon, quart or sandwich size) – for classroom

· $15 lab donation – All donations are appreciated, but not required. Please do not send cash. Checks need to be made to Pine View. THANK YOU!!

Mrs. Rosander Amazon Wish List - Thank You!



 Florida Taxfree Weekend, Aug. 7-9!