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About me...

My name is Thomas Paul Rosaschi (Sr.).  I live in East Syacuse, New York with my wife (Elizabeth) and my three sons (Tommy, 18, Joseph, 13 and Luke, 8).  Born in Brooklyn, New York, my family and I moved to Monroe, New York (Orange County) right before my Kindergarten year.  As of December 2010, I will have earned an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Oswego State as well as my MST in Elementary Education from LeMoyne College.

I had a pretty good idea of what it would be like being around a bunch kids growing up as one of seven children.  And my father was a special education teacher and adminnistrator for over 35 years in New York City.  I love both particiapting and coaching sports.  Further, I believe participation in sports by students provides valuable lesons that can be translated directly into the classroom.



Give 100%.  Participate to succeed.  Have fun.  

It is my belief that students who embrace these ideas are better prepared to find their own "paths" to a rewarding school experience.  Are we all expected to do all of these at all times - as in perfect harmony - absolutely not.  Rather, our objective is to find the appropriate balance that afford each student the opportunity to find his or her own unique talents and styles that work best for them.  




          Each student will strive to do their very best each and every day through exercising the Philosophy provided above.  It is my expectation that through this process each student will be able to achieve the level of understanding expected of this grade level and also to challenge themselves beyond this level.  Ultimately, I would like to the students to challenge themselves.  Whether this is instrinsic (from within) or extrinsic (motivated by someone or something), I hope to help each student explore academic boundaries they never thought possible.  By focusing on this journey - individually and as a class - it is my expectation that each student will reach acadmic and learning destinations beyond all of our expectations.  


          There is only one rule that the classroom will be governed by: RESPECT.  There are two reasons for this.  For every rule there must be an enforcement and consequence system that is consistent.  Elementary students are curious by nature and there is no way to have a set of rules that effectively addresses each and every (potential) scenario that could take place.  Thus, reason number two: when repect is given and received, there are no other issues or concerns that are not covered.  Also, respect becomes a self-fulfilling act on the part of students and teachers alike.  It is a life llong skill that can never be taken away from them. 



Based on a scale of 100 points.

10...Attendance - poor attendance rarely results in high achievement.  Let's not take any chances. 

20...Daily work   - we call it school work for reasonCome prepared to work and plenty will earn a twenty.    

20...Quizzes       - weekly, sometimes more.  Ouch!  We all need to know how we are doing.  This keps us on course.

30...Tests           - let's challenge ourselves.  Everyone will be given the tools to succeed. 

20...Projects      - your turn to let me know how we can use this stuff in the real world.

Any unexcused absence or delays will automatically reduce your grade by 20% each day it is late/taken.  Tests / quizzes included.

Each situation brought to my attention in advance will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Clubs / Activities / Teams...

Threre are two primary activites that Mr. R helps out in.  The first is the Stock Market game.  In a previous life, Mr. R spent four years in the financial servies industry and tries to take a macro approach to helping students learn about money and financial matters.  As a platform, the Stock Market game helps students understand the importance of this.  For example, not many people understand that if you lose 20% of your value, it will take a 25% gain (recovery) to just get you back to where you started.  That leads us the conservative perspective of Preservation of Capital.  However, there is also merit to understanding that without "risk" (risk is not just a bad term) your returns are limited.  That is, you will never retire on Certficates of Deposit unless your deposits are above abd beyond normal savings rates.  Next, you will probably see (or hear) Mr. R inspiring, motivating and instructing student-athletes on the basketball court, lacrosse field or even driving range.  

Note:  I am deeply passionate about extra curricular activites and there effect on students.  It is my belief that the busier a student is (I did not say mom and dad should have "Junior" in five activities a day, traveling to the ends of the earth) the better he or she is engaged in (all) there daily endeavors.  So, please join us in the Stock Market game and try your hand at shooting, throwing or even hitting a ball.  We would love to have you and promise a rewarding experience for all.    



New York Jets   New York Knicks   New York Mets   New York Rangers   University of North Carolina basketball   Notre Dame football   


Finally, as you may have noticed, Mr. R is not the most creative guy on the planet.  Would everyone please make at lest one suggestion that they think would improve this web site.  We can make this one of our lessons duriong the first couple of weeks of class.  Thanks.

Contact information...

Tom Rosaschi, you can call me Mr. R


Cell phone:  315-657-2079