US History II - New Deal Program Posters

Civilian Conversation Corps - Idaho 1933

Taken from the National Archives Website

Websites to use for your research

New Deal Programs List - Use this site to read a brief description about each program.  May be helpful to pick a topic. - New Deal Programs - Use this page to find links to various New Deal Programs (embedded in the reading - will lead you to pages that focus on that particular program).

Living New Deal - interactive website that provides a thorough overview of various New Deal Programs and their impact around the country.

New Deal (National Archives) - A list of websites that you can use for research.  Read through the links to find what you need - great place to track down picutres for your project.

Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook -  Always a great spot to look for information.  Log in using your ASD username and password - Go to Chapter 14.2 on the New Deal.  You will be able to find articles and images regarding the New Deal.


As always, you are free to use Google and Google Images - just cite your sources for your pictures.  Many of the above links are the top results found for New Deal Programs.