World Cultures - Climate Research Poster

World Cultures - Climate Research Page


Use the following websites to assist you in finding information for your MS Word Climate Poster that you will create.  There are websites listed and described below along with a link that you can click to go to that particular site.


Climate Types for Kids - Slideshow

This is the slideshow that we used for our Climate Research Introduction worksheet.  If you were absent for this lesson, this is a good place to start.


Climate Types for Kids - World Climates Menu

This webpage is related to the webpage above.  You can go to this webpage for links to pages for the various climate regions of the world.  A great place to start your research!


NSTA Interactive Climate Zones

This website allows you to see where various climate zones exist on a world map.  You can click on the climate zones in the key to read a brief description of each of the climate zones.  Really helps to understand where the various climate zones are located.


Wikipedia - Climate Article

The general webpage in Wikipedia on Climate.  If you look under the heading Koppen, you can learn about the five general classifications for climate.  There are links embedded in this section which will take you to Wikipedia pages for the various climate types based on secondary characteristics, tropical rainforest, humid continental, etc.


National Geographic - Encylopedia entry on Climate

An entry on the National Geographic Website on Climate - it provides information on climate groups and climate types.  Scroll down the article to learn about general characteristics for each group and type.