About Me

Welcome to Mrs. Ranae Sena's website!

I am a Specialized Academic Instructor for 3-5grade

Academic Content includes, but is not limited to

Reading, Writing, Math, Social and Emotional well-being

My classroom is rotation based with implementations of small group academics consisting of Common Core State Standards, goal work with support staff, independent work and technology based individual needs. The rotations also include sensory breaks, physical activity, social games, and cooking.

Why do I teach? My passion for teaching revolves my love for learning and children. I enjoy helping ALL students with or without disabilities. I know each individual child has a strength to offer the world. I believe I can help individuals reach and achieve their maximum learning potential.

*Click on the link or copy the link into the search bar to view my CTI video https://www.dropbox.com/s/rsk8ue68n3e5ft9/large.mov?dl=0


A little about me;

I live in beautiful Temecula, CA.

I have been married to my husband of twenty years and we have three amazing children.  We also have two dogs. One is a small dog we call Baby and the other is a giant 120 lb King Shepard we call Tank. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and visiting new places.

I hold a Masters in Education, a Multiple Subject K-8 Credential and a preliminary Education Specialist Credential.