Developing as an Educator

     How Mrs. Sena found her passion for Education           


Revisit the overarching, long-term goal you set for yourself in your Initial CSTP Self-Assessment. You can find your Self-Assessment results by clicking “My Forms” on the CTI eConnect homepage and changing the default from “All” to “Submitted”. Describe your progress towards achieving this goal. Compare and contrast your Initial CSTP and your Final CSTP.  What are your areas of strength? Where are your opportunities for continuous improvement? In what ways have you surprised yourself?

When I graduated high school...

After High School I worked as a nanny and attended community college. 

I volunteered at an Elementary school working with children.

I discovered that I enjoyed learning and teaching ALL children. I went back to school to pursue my love of teaching and working with children.  Also, I worked as an Instructional Assistant in a Special Day Class in Special Education. It was then that I learned I loved to teach and work with children with all children including children with disabilities.


It took eight years to obtain my educator to purse my passion for working with a variety of students

While working as an Instructional Assistant, student teacher and intern teacher I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a concentration in English, a Multiple Subject K-8 Teaching Credential, a Masters of Arts in Education Degree and a Preliminary Education Specialist Mild and Moderate Teaching Credential all from Azusa Pacific University. I held a job of being a Kindergarten Teacher for 69% of the school year. Then I became a long term Substitute Teacher for first grade. Finally, I became an intern as a Specialized Academic Instructor. After completing my internship I enrolled in CTI to begin induction.                                                                              

Helping Hands and Supportive Foundations

I believe each individual has strengths to offer the world. By teaching and working with children with and without disabilities, I can help enable them to reach their maximum learning potential by building upon their foundational skills. Like framing a house to support a home, I support academics, social development, and the emotional well-being of students.


Center for Teaching Innovations Program and Training

My motivation to clear my Education Specialist Credential consisted of enrolling in the CTI program. I learned, developed, grew and experienced valuable knowledge in the world of education. I learned many important facts and details relating to education. In the personal category I became aware of where I am, where I am going, how to get there, and reflective thinking. The program had a broad range of available resources, supports, as well as a personal mentor.  It was my goal to clear my Education Specialist Credential and I am almost finished.

Future Teaching Goals

I would like to finish by clearing my preliminary education specialist credential. To do that I must create a website with specific criteria and fill out a survey.  During the process I gained valuable knowledge and experience from resources and my mentor.  My future goal is to teach special education for three additional years.  Then I can apply to be a special education mentor. Mentoring will provide me with the opportunity to teach and mentor new teachers. I will help them learn, grow, and progress to becoming a second year teacher and supportive colleague for years to come.  As well as keep being a lifelong learner.  I believe I enjoy helping others and watch them grow and develop.