My Contributions as a Professional Educator

 Contributes as a Professional Educator-Helpful Links

Timeline This website gives Special Education teachers a timeline pertaining to Individual Educational Plans (IEP's) 


CCSS This is a valuable Teacher resource to connect standards to everyday academics lessons as well as IEP grade level goals. It has English Language Arts (Reading&Writing) and Math.             

Goal bank Tool kit This website is a Special Education tool to help create goals to strengthen CCSS. It provides multiple levels of the goal and provides Universal Designed Lessons (UDL's) ideas, plans and developmental stages. 

PBIS This is a great website to help ALL students learn appropriate positive behavior techniques, rule and the reason why. This helps in my classroom because it demonstrates visuals, hand gestures, and written words. 

Teach Like a Champion This website offers a variety of knowledge, ideas, trainning and resources. I used the ABC's for my students. It helps to know what is causing the behavior, how the student responds and what the student gains from it. Then I create a plan of action to decrease the behavior by rewarding the student when he chooses the appropriate coping strategy. 

The Autism Helper This is a great website pertains to students who need structured and a systematic process. It offers ideas for token boards, rewards, printable ideas and educational material. I used tokens boards, visual schedules, pictures/white boards and work first then choice for sensory breaks.

Go Noodle & Brain Breaks This website offers movement and brain breaks. You can select physical movement, calming movement, educational games, and educational songs. Students enjoy seeing a character morph into another character as well as earning points. 

Google Drive This is great online tool to store and create documents. I used it to create lesson plans, create data tracking, locate school district information, calendars, email and more. The best part is because I am a school employee it has unlimited storage space. It offers a wide range of ideas for educators. In particular I use the Calm Down kits This is a great resource to gather ideas for helping de-escalate behaviors. It provides students with opportunity to recharge and reset to progress throughout the day. I also have Substitute binders for each subject to help me keep organized and up to date while I am at IEP's. Another great website for educators. It contains a wide variety of resources and ideas. 

Progress Monitoring sheets This a great resource for Special Education Teachers. It provides tools like work sheets to track progress. You can easily download a form, edit the form and use the form. Or you can use it as an example and create your own. I like it because you can track progress on the computer and show parents with an graph.